Daily Archive: November 13, 2010

Ken leeee tulibilibu dout uuuu


err… Double xp again… ARC  has to be 800 or less \o/! Here’s me noobin up in my own way! Skin: League :Q____, Hair: Kin, Glasses: Reek, Hoodie: Mustache, Pants: Ronsem, Shoes: Surf… Continue reading

HOOO cant touch this!!!


Found some random pics i took… lord knows when they are from but w/e hoooyah for catch up 😀 Skin: Novita, Hair: [e], Sweater: Crazy, Necklace: Zaara, Tattoo: Khush, Pants: SU, Belt: Mandala,… Continue reading

It’s written in the stars… *.*


Soo i’ve been uber lazy i know… but my brother (Jhonathan Zapatero) passed me his finished version of his new top and i lurve it… So i have to shamelessly promote is awesomeness or… Continue reading