Bizzerk, you make me crazy!

Soo as mentioned yesterday…. im being a major camperina XD!… and the sim i’m in i have keep my arc below 800 -.-!…. and besides that i was so lazy to dress today… after surfing blogs i saw these shorts on Kissez’s blog and had to have them ^^… so here’s my silly look for the day! Oh and guess what! My kitties had more babies \o/!!!!! Oooo and another random note… I’m completely in love with these plugs from Nox! Everyone who knows me, knows well i live in elf ears, but these are totally jizz worthy, therefore >.> no mas elfy for awhile Q.Q ❤

Skin: Al vulo (:Q_____), Hair: Love soul, plugs: Nox, Top: T. whore, Shorts & socks: erratic, Slippers: Intrigue

Btw, i had the gatcha bunny slippers from Bellballs on, but they were the wrong shade of pink when i went to windlight settings 😦

And w/out further adooo… my new babies!!!! the Siamese Seal is Simon xD! And the other one is tucker, he has passion eyes w/ a small pupis :Q_! They are so freakin presh!!!! Gotta love Kittycats!!!!

Happy Hump day all <3333