Blood Star [vcs2]

Hello there,

i wanna share with you today a very beautiful,fantasy,medieval place… Blood Star

This is a full roleplaying sim enhanced with a special customized combat system. (VCS2)
The themes here are the keywords medieval, gothic, victorian and fantasy.. The lore
of Blood Star feature a mixture of these things and all mythological creatures.

Blood Star lies within a world where technology is overshadowed by magic and
where people still arm themselves with a sword or crossbow.
Make no mistake, this is a dark roleplay sim. If violent, fictional religion, sexual,
slavery and gritty roleplay or public nudity isn’t in your bag or offends you then this
probably isn’t the place for you and you should probably turn back now, if that is your thing
then welcome home.

Location : Blood Star – Gothic Medieval Fantasy Roleplay – Home of VCS2

Skin :AL VULO new group gift S-Vampy

Outfit : Deviance-Enchantress

Piercings :Cobrahive

Tatto: Custom

Pet :Kittycats (my Cleopatra XD)