Daily Archive: April 1, 2011

Without you, i live it up a little more everyday…..


New Skin from Admiral Spicy :). It was super cute…. i couldn’t help but pick it up xD! A mini pack of skins is only like 800L O.O! Cant beat that really! Yummy … Continue reading

Lights will guide you home….


:O Just a quick post before i go snuggle mah luffer <3. The new faun hooves at Epic are YUMMEHS :Q___ Skin: Novitas,Makeup: Damned, Hair: Detour, Bow: Elate, Piercing: Visavi,Tatoo: V3, Top: Cynful, Skirt: Admiral… Continue reading

You have stolen my heart….


Soooo in case you hadnt seen it before (which im sure you have), the march group gift from Needful things is still out… and its super cute (yesh it took me forever to… Continue reading