Daily Archive: August 24, 2011

My butterfly Sugar baby


Cum my lady Cum Cum my lady, you’re my butterfly Sugar baby… Yes,i love this song and i was kinda enspired by it…soooo LOTD for today.. Shoes :N-core ETOILE [im in love with… Continue reading

[Angelic Tattoo] new release


Hello ma sweets!Finally after some time in RL i found the free time to make some new tattoo for Angelic..New styles,Rl tattoo design and of course in fashion so check them out! [Angelic… Continue reading

My Sexy Assassin <3


New release from [MSA] (My Sexy Assassin) weaponry for all tghe lovers of combat system in SL.  [MSA] the DeathHunter works with all collision based combat systems. In example: CCS, DCS2, BYT, FCRM2,… Continue reading